Christian girl raped in Pakistan

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rape and injustice and the ongoing plight of victims in Pakistan

rape and injustice and the ongoing plight of victims in Pakistan   (FOR THE FULL ARTICLE, PLEASE CLICK ON)


“Faisalabad: October 12, 2010. (By Shahid Anwar) Kiran Nayyaz, a 14 years old house maid poor Christian girl was forcibly raped several times by a Muslim youth that made her pregnant.”
“This alleged heinous offence happened in Chak Jhumra, a village about 35 kilometers from Faisalabad, Punjab Province, in the month of April 2010. On 2nd October 2010, a case under section 376 of Pakistan Panel Code was registered against rapist, Muhammad Javed, with police station Sahianwala, District Faisalabad on the complaint of her father Nayyaz Masih but the rapist is still at large.” “According to National Commission for Justice and Peace, (NCJP) Faisalabad, a Muslim youngster named Muhammad Javed (20) sexually assaulted Kiran Nayyaz several times and threatened her that if she told anybody about that incident then he would not only shot her but also her family members. As a result of her fear and silence, Kiran Nayyaz is now five months pregnant according to medico-legal certificate (MLC). In the last week of September, father of the victim came to know that his child like daughter is pregnant. He at once filed an application for registration of a case against rapist.”



It is clear that many of these rapes by Muslims against Christians (and against other minorities like the Hindus) in Pakistan go unpunished.

Also, in Islamic Sharia law it is a fact that non-Muslim females are unequal and added to this you have cultural factors, alongside religious persecution of minorities.  Therefore, many victims get no justice in Pakistan.

 Lee Jay Walker