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October 19, 2010

Geert Wilders and the Rise of Islamic Correctness

Geert Wilders and the Rise of Islamic Correctness




Geert Wilders and the Rise of Islamic Correctness

By Andrew G. Bostom

Geert Wilders and Islamic Indoctrination

Geert Wilders and Islamic Indoctrination

American Thinker“Islamic correctness, which criminalizes any criticism of Islam, is a rising force in the world, and not merely in Muslim-majority countries. Even in traditionally tolerant Holland, a combination of misguided liberal multiculturalism and a fear of violence from immigrants has led to a sometimes farcical prosecution.”

“During a March 2009 interview with the Boston Globe’s Jeff Jacoby, Wilders had earlier rejected the notion he “hates Muslims” while providing a frank characterization of the totalitarian nature of Islam.”

“I have nothing against the people. I don’t hate Muslims. But Islam is a totalitarian ideology. It rules every aspect of life – economics, family law, whatever. It has religious symbols, it has a God, it has a book – but it’s not a religion. It can be compared with totalitarian ideologies like Communism or fascism. There is no country where Islam is dominant where you have a real democracy, a real separation between church and state. Islam is totally contrary to our values.”

“Geert Wilders’ keen if blunt conceptions articulate contemporary realities while restating seminal insights on Islam by the universally respected scholar Bernard Lewis, whose written observations from 1954 antedated the present-day morbid affliction of cultural relativism. At present, the tragic rejection of freedom of conscience by mainstream Islamic religious and political institutions representing all Muslim nations, and the global Islamic umma — a living sine qua non of Islamic totalitarianism — provide irrefragable confirmation that Wilders’ characterization of Islam as a totalitarian ideology is accurate.”



A very good article by Andrew G. Bostom which was published on and the author highlights the reality of the modern world in so-called liberal societies.

Geert Wilders is clearly stating the facts and again we have a man of peace being charged while a doctrine which espouses hatred is left alone.

A fantastic article.

Lee Jay Walker

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