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October 19, 2010

Egyptian State Security Behind Anti-Church Demonstrations

Egyptian State Security Behind Anti-Church Demonstrations

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Egyptian State Security Behind Anti-Church Demonstrations

By  Mary Abdelmassih


The role of state security during these demonstrations was widely criticized. Outspoken government critic, Ibrahim Eissa, who was editor of the independent al-Dustour newspaper until he was sacked last week, criticized the role of the State Security. In an article dated September 27, Eissa said that thousands of Salafi Muslims go out demonstrating against the Coptic Pope and the Church believing they are on a Jihadi mission for the sake of Allah and at the same time “knowing quite well that State Security will not touch them, since demonstrations are directed against the Pope and not the President, the Church and not the inheritance issue [Gamal Mubarak as successor of his father]. “Those who go out in Jihad against ‘inheritance’, democracy and election fraud are beaten mercilessly by security forces but those who go out to incite sectarian violence between Muslims and Christians believe that Allah is with them, and that they are the friends and ‘buddies’ of the police and the State Security.”

“According to Magdi Khalil, head of the Middle East Freedom Forum, who is an authority on Fundamentalist movements, “Fundamentalist movements have a deep-rooted hatred to all that is non-Muslim, and they are ready to do anything and commit any crime against non-Muslims, especially Jews and Christians.” Security and intelligence agencies managed these movements before and after President Sadat’s assassination by them, and used them for violence against the Copts in the seventies, are using the same mechanisms to steer their anger in the same direction again.”

“He believes that security authorities are ‘killing two birds with one stone’ namely directing, under their guidance, the excess violence present in these movements towards the Copts, away from the Regime as Sadat did, secondly to distract the Egyptians away from certain important issues such as preparation for transfer of power (between Mubarak and his son) and the upcoming elections. “Besides they want to discipline the Copts, whose voices became louder from the standpoint of security services” according to Khalil.”



The Coptic Christian population is suffering because the Egyptian government clealy favours the role of Sunni Islam in Egypt.  Tensions occur from time to time because Islamists desire to Islamize Egypt and in recent times several Christians have been killed in modern day Egypt.

Since the Islamic invasion of Egypt it is abundantly clear that Coptic Christians have suffered greatly because of Islamic Sharia law, dhimmitude, jizya, and so forth.

Lee Jay Walker